What we will do for you

We will gladly support you to realize web projects. We will take the responsibility for whole new projects and concepts but also we are not afraid to change an existing system. No matter what requirements you come to us with, in us you have a reliable IT partner at your side.


Interfaces becoming ever more important to the web development. With an solid API you can easily build and spread application across different devices. This does not only saves costs with future developments, it also equips your data for future devices.

Authentication & Identity

Above all in big companies is an overarching management of persons and their roles very important for the productivity. A bottleneck at the wrong place might lead to very long processing time. We can offer you SSO enabled user management integrated to your Active Directory or LDAP system.

Data Structure

Do you have to process a lot of data or are you dissatisifed with your current solution? With our FiN (Fast Index Engine) we can offer you a solution to aggregate your data highly efficient. Benchmark tests have shown that our queries are up to 10 times faster than conventional database systems.

Attention to Detail

We look at your project as a whole. First we need to understand the dependencies, your needs and their relationships, then, when the target is focused we will start to combine each component to a great product.

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